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Are you retaining your best staff?

As the Global economy improves, it will be more difficult to hang onto your best staff!

Works4us is an innovative approach to staff retention. It really does offer a proven solution. This totally customisable incentives program is a business tool that helps you  inspire and retain your best staff, directly improving your productivity levels and boosting your profits!  

The Solution:                                                                            

 Works4us is a simple web-based program that allows employees to sign a contract and be like a partner with the Business Owner . This  program can be set up in  minutes and the agreement is easy to exit if required.

 Play.gif Click here to see a video of how the "Simple Version" works.

Read.gif Click here to read more about our "Simple Version".

 Play.gif Click here to see a video of how the "Full Version" works.

Read.gif Click here to read more about our "Full Version".

You have nothing to lose by trying it out. It's a cloud based system so there's NO software involved, just sign up on-line and you're on your way.


Take advantage of our 14 day no obligation FREE TRIAL

Works4us  has an SSL Certificate, which means that you can be assured that any transactions between the Browser and our server are encrypted and therefore secure.

As well as our staff retention program we offer you our professional network.  We’re proud to be affiliated with a huge stable of professionals from the HR and Business Community.  Assisting our clients with things such as recruitment, workplace culture, leadership behaviour, marketing, workplace, business coaching, Cloud computing, I.T assistance  and more.Are you aware of Government grants for staff training?  The list goes on.

We aim to help Employers step back from the business and enjoy life away from their business.  Depending on your level of support with us and the number of employees you have on the works4us program, we can provide some of these professionals to you in your premises at no cost. 

Our affiliated RTO (Registered Training Organisation) specialise in delivering relevant and effective training solutions that are tailored specifically for the growing needs of your staff, delivered using the world's most advanced technology and it won’t cost you a cent. 

Complete the survey!

Complete this short anonymous  2 minute survey so we can keep you updated with our survey results.

We are proud to promote the "BE A HERO" organisation who is an international charity working to raise up an Army of Heroes for an urgent global crisis - endangered children. They are making a difference! For every new customer who signs up with works4us, we will donate $50 to this amazing cause.

Ask about our  FREE "works4us virtual money box account" for up to 2 children allowing them to log in and check how their pocket money is going.

Registered Charities can apply for a free licence to use our system. Member organisations, Small Business support groups and associations can apply for member discounts .  

Re-sellers welcome ! Call Gary Carson  on  0400 055 199 or 1300 866 421




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