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Gary Carson founder of Works4Us is passionate about creating synergy between Employers and their Employees. Gary has owned and operated a variety of businesses spanning over 30 years and has employed in excess of 80 fulltime employees and contractors. He understands what it takes to sustain a business and more importantly what helps the business owner enjoy that journey.

Gary began his first business at 12 cutting lawns around the neighbourhood. He remembers being very proud when he’d saved enough money by the age of 15 to buy 5oz of gold bullion.

After school he moved into his father’s business becoming an apprentice plumber which led to launching his own successful plumbing business in Melbourne in 1984.  This business flourished and he soon had both domestic and commercial teams at work.  After riding the ups and downs of the business world,by 1992 he was ready for a sea change and headed off to the Sunshine Coast with his wife Carolyn.  Not resting on his laurels for long though he began an excavation business and although this kept him busy he also identified a need for home delivered produce and so launched another business alongside his existing one. 

In 2000 he sold his businesses and headed back to Brisbane to raise his family.  Re-starting a plumbing business which is still very successful and self-propelling today.He intends hanging onto this one as his own son insists he wants work for Clearline Plumbing once he finishes school! 

In 2007, realising there was nothing in the way of staff retention programs for small business and utilising his business acumen he began the proto type of a unique program.  Within months he knew he’d created something special.  He had developed a key to company stability and sustainable business growth.  In 2009 with the runs on the board and ever growing confidence in his program he sort advice from his legal team and worked closely with web developers to launch Works4US.

Outside of work Gary’s first love is his family and steering his children in a positive direction. Gary and his beautiful wife Carolyn  celebrated  their 25th wedding anniversary in February this year. 

He’s a committed community lobbyist with past projects including things such as, the phone book recycling program in the early 80s and the banning of suburban incinerators.  He assisted in influencing the ABC on subjects such as a fairer spread of political say during election campaigns and the need for separation of adult and children’s entertainment on pay TV. Currently he is liaising with the Federal government on data casting the ABC news radio and local radio on the FM band.  A keen advocate for public schools he is also involved in various committees and is in strong support of technology in the classroom.

Since 2007, the program has had various input from Lawyers, business mentors, small business owners, website developers, accountants, journalists,HR and business development counsellors to refine and perfect a system that could be used by other business owners. Works4us are members of COSBA , the Council of Small Business's of Australia and Gary holds a certificate iv in small business.


A word from Gary,

Hi and welcome to  Works4us.

Have you had trouble hanging onto your star employees?   In small business today, staff turnover can be crippling.  The cost & time involved in replacing employees and the stress it causes when they leave with  YOUR knowledge can and does have serious implications on the success of any  business.

Works4us is an innovative approach to staff retention.

It really does offer a proven solution. This totally customisable program is designed to inspire and retain your best staff, directly improving your productivity levels and boosting your profits.

As a small  business owner myself I was experiencing  first-hand the highs & lows of staff turnover.

I searched and searched for an incentive program that would actually be attractive to my employees without locking them into a partnership whilst at the same time did not want to create an administrative nightmare in setting up a partnership. We just couldn’t find a suitable model.

Unperturbed I designed a program, consulted with software developers and we developed  a proto-type .

Not surprisingly it ‘worked for us’ brilliantly. There was immediate improvement in our monthly figures, profits were up, absenteeism was down and staff wanted to stay .

We no longer had to re-advertise, re-hire and re-train new staff as often as we had in the past. It really worked.
It was hard to keep this success a secret.  Others began hearing of our system and enquiries flooded in and we thought “well why don’t we share this great idea with other business’s.”

So with careful consideration from, lawyers, solicitors, accountants and various other consultants Works4Us, our web based incentive program is now available for everyone.

So check out more  by selecting from a video on this video.idea_03.gif

So how does our program actually work?  Initially it takes about 10 to 20 minutes to set up online and then a few additional minutes for each employee you choose to sign up.  It can be all or just one your employees , it’s your choice.

You tailor the program to suit yourself, choosing from a host of options on our legal templates, deciding how much bonus the employee can earn and when they receive their payment. It’s totally flexible it can be worked on either monthly or quarterly figures. Once set, you print a contract for both you and your employee to sign. And that’s it, it really is that simple.

The monthly statements are easy to read and are similar to say that of a frequent flier statement.  Each employee has access to their own statements on-line 24 hours a day  .

You can see how much they are owed, when it’s due for payment and any additions or deductions that have been made for that period of time.

Depending on your circumstances, the employee can use the bonus credit for extra time off with their family without chewing into their annual leave. They could purchase extra equipment or perhaps they could do extra  courses that you would not usually pay for.  Perhaps if times are a bit quiet, you could even use it towards some time off.

More on the nitty gritty!

You can even attach an existing workplace agreement or company policy procedure manual to the contract. Some clients actually use our contract agreement as the basis for their workplace agreement.

Should for some reason you decide to finish the program you only need to provide the employee 30 days written notice and this has all been agreed to in that initial contract.

Likewise if the employee takes time off for other than legitimate purposes, the reward percentage can be drastically reduced.

If  an employee leaves you before a bonus payment is due, they lose their payment as was stated in the initial contract they signed. So if they go, they can see exactly what they will miss out on by leaving.  To give an example, say if an employee waits until they can get their end of year bonus . They will still see on the statement  what they would have received if they had stayed  with you when  their next bonus was due at the end of the next quarter as well as the retained amount due at the end of next year.

This is a staff retention program remember!  And again, it’s a proven system

Once you’ve purchase the licence, it costs you less  $5 a week  for each employee you have on our program plus the bonus of course.

Tempted to give it a go? We’re so confident you’ll love our system that we’re offering you a 14 day free trial no strings attached.

Honestly, take it from me, a person who is passionate about the importance of small business in Australia.  This system works!  

I’m happy to speak personally to you at any time so if you would like some further clarification please call me, or drop me a line .

In the spirit of great business I wish you every success and look forward to assisting you in your journey to greater success.

Gary Carson

This “partnership” styled program is not like any other known partnership program. There are certainly “profit share” programs in existence that do work to a degree however many beneficiaries of those programs feel under-rewarded .

Works4us is designed to benefit businesses, sole traders, existing partnerships and other business models by retaining their best staff and reducing their own time in the business by using our tailor made software program. The program can be tailored to suit your needs.

Works4Us is specifically designed for honest organisations to engage their workers further into their business by way of invitation from the organisation. Our program is likely to strengthen the relationship between management and the workers and raise the self esteem of the employee by giving them a sense of ownership in an already established, proven and successful business. What a great compliment and recognition of their hard work.

This may impress the employee from day one as he or she will have a profitable interest in the business. The business owners can feel safer knowing that they could share some of the workload of running the business with their employee. You don’t have to be a mastermind to set it up, in just a few minutes you are on your way.

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