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Empolyer partnership program
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How It Works


This step involves signing up and purchasing your annual license fee. Once this has been done you are automatically logged into your account.

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You are the boss - so tailor a program to suit your needs!

Under this program the employees are offered rewards based on their work, sales or profit that they generate. The rewards could be swapped for tools of trade, extra training or time off . 

You have multiple choices of how much of the reward they get paid at various dates and how much is retained to be paid at the end of this year or even next year.


Once every month or quarter, you log into your account and spend just a few minutes entering in the employee’s information for that period - for example how many sick days they had and what their profit or sales were for the period. This creates a statement for that month based on the information for that month and the general rewards agreement that you have set up.

The employee can also log into their account at any time and view this statement, making the partnership clear and open to both parties.

You simply enter in the employee’s details (including a password for them to log into their account). Then you choose from our template how you would like their rewards to be calculated. This can be on sales or profit for them individually or the entire business. You choose what other options you would like to include in this legal agreement. You now have a legally binding agreement that you can view at any time in the future.



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