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question.gifWhat is the main advantage of using this program?

Answers.gifInspiring and retaining your best staff, demonstrating to your staff  that you trust them. This results in  boosting your profits and higher productivity levels from your staff. Research proves that employees much prefer working for business's that care about the employees welfare.

question.gifHow much does it cost to use the Works4Us program?

Answers.gif The costs may fluctuate from time to time,however the principle is the same for everyone.  The employer pays a modest  annual licensing fee  (currently $590)  to use the program and  a  smaller annual fee for each employee that they wish to set up on an agreement.  This is less than $5 per week per employee. For an exact price, please go to the sign up page and begin your application. You may have a promotional code which gives you a discount. You can pay by the month once you have paid your annual license fee. This may be in place of any discounts.

question.gifHow long does it take to set up the program?

Answers.gif Once you've signed up and are in your employer account, it can literally take less than 5 minutes to complete your agreement with your employee.  You just need to select the options of the agreement, for example how you want their rewards to be calculated and whether it comes from total sales, their individual sales, total profit or their individual profit. Just three simple entries and we do the rest.

question.gifHow do you check the account balance?

Answers.gifOnce the agreement is set up, you and your employee can log into your respective accounts to view the agreement. You only need an internet connection, a computer or web enabled mobile phone. On an ongoing basis, once a month or once a quarter the employer will need to log in to view and edit the statement for that period of time.  The statement will automatically calculate how much the licensee will owe  in bonuses, when it needs to be paid and how much is withheld.

question.gifSo when does the employee get the payment?

Answers.gif The default set up is for quarterly payments of the bonus  (usually at the end of the next financial quarter) A percentage of the reward  can be put aside and be paid at the end of the completed financial year. For example you might pay half and half or 60% when the bonus is due and the remaining 40% may be put aside for the end of the  completed financial year. A bigger christmas bonus for the employee. If the employee leaves the business they are not necessarily entitled to the reward as they agreed to in the sign up process.

question.gif Can the bonus be used as time off?

Answers.gif Why Not? The reward credit  can be used for extra time off for the employee to spend more time with their families.  It could also work to your advantage to have  your employee use some of their bonus as time off in quieter times.

question.gifCan you use the bonus for any other purpose?

Answers.gifYES. The Works4Us system has a standard agreement schedule which we have drafted with a Business Lawyer. If the employee agrees you can use the bonus credit to purchase tools of trade, additional courses or education, Lap top computers or any item that would benefit the employee's performance before the bonus is due to be paid


question.gifCan this be added to a workplace agreement?

Answers.gifYES. The Works4Us system has a standard agreement schedule which we have drafted with a Business Lawyer. You can attach an existing agreement with the schedule  and print it off for both parties to sign and you're on your way.The schedule agreement that you sign with your employee is a legal document and was last reviewed by an Australian Law firm in March 2010.

question.gifWho can use Works4Us?

Answers.gif The Works4Us system was specifically built so that any employer from any industry can use the program.  It doesn't matter whether you're a lawyer or a hairdresser, a tradie or a dentist... our program can be used to retain employees and reward them based on their performance.


  question.gifIs this program limited to employees?

Answers.gifNot at all. It is possible that small businesses could affilliate with another business. For example a Plumber who promotes a friend's Electrical business may offer a small share to the electrical business in his plumbing  business via works4us as the electrician may be an advocate for the plumber's business and visa versa.

question.gifWhy is Works4Us better than a traditional partnership.

Answers.gif There are lots of reasons, but here are just a few :

  • Works4Us is less expensive
  • Works4Us is quick and easy to set up
  • Works4Us   provides you with a legally binding agreement without the red tape
  • Works4Us  saves you time and money
  • Employees and Employers can see the agreement and rewards statements at any time.
  • The agreement can be changed (or closed) on 30 days written notice from the employer as agrreed to in the sign up process.

To read more about the headache that a traditional partnership can cause click here. 

question.gifWhy is Works4Us better than a verbal contract or understanding with employees.

Answers.gif There are lots of reasons, but here are just a few  :

  • Works4Us provides you with a legal agreement that has a filed for you to add the employees base salary, rewards and conditions.  This assures the employee that their stake in the company is taken seriously and both parties can see the conditions of this contract.
  • Works4Us breaks up incentives into payments throughout the year, therefore adding incentive for Employees to stay with their existing Employer in order to gain their future rewards.
  • Works4Us is quick and easy to set up
  • Works4Us does all of the reward and bonus calculations for you, you simply enter a few details here and there.
  • Employees and Employers can see the agreement and rewards statements at any time.

If you have any other questions, please contact us and we will do our best to answer your queries as soon as possible

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